Our History

The EPA Group was founded in 1999 to provide small- to medium-sized business with a range of services such as business structuring, compliance, specialist taxation advice and consulting.

Since then we’ve added more experts to our team and more businesses services to our repertoire.

And now we also help individuals with their personal wealth through Self-Managed Superannuation Funds and other techniques.

But our aim has always been the same: to help people achieve their aspirations.

Our Values

We believe in sustainability—making the most of what you have while still protecting and preserving it.

And that’s just as important for your business and your finances as it is for the planet.

We want to help you get the best return you can on your business and other investments, while still preserving them for your children, and your children’s children.

Our Philosophy

You only get one shot at life. And we want you to make the most of it.

We’ll help you with the things you have to do—taxes, compliance, financial planning, etc.—so you can get on with doing the things you want to do.

But we’ll never tell you what to do. Instead, we’ll give you the options and information you need so you can make your own choices.

After all, it’s your life.

Want to know how EPA group can help you?